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Mount Vernon Tennis Club 
Rules & Regulations

  • ​No member may introduce a visitor to the courts more than 4 times in one year and no guest may play more than 4 times in a season​.

  • Courts must be booked via the LTA ClubSpark Booker App or website.

  • No member should book more than 2 hours of court time on any gven day.

  • If a court is booked as "Junior Time" the courts can be used by Seniors, but the courts should be given up to any junior members who wish to use the court within that time slot.

  • Court bookings must be cancelled if members can no longer make the slots they have booked.

  • During the season, some booking slots will be allocated as "Junior Time" and are free for Intermediates and Junior members to get time on the courts. 
  • Outwith "Junior Time", ​Junior and Intermediates can play on the courts if no Seniors have booked them, but Seniors have priority.
  • Juniors and Intermediates cannot book court time, but can play alongside Senior members who have booked court time.
  • ​Intermediates and Juniors cannot bring visitors to the club at any time.
  • Court time for bounce games - 30 minutes during Junior Time, if other Juniors/Intermediates are waiting.
  • If court 1 or 3 is the only court finishing their match please ask permission from the opposing team at an appropriate time and leave court 2 vacant
  • If court 2 is finishing their match please wait until the match is finished before going on to any court
  • All team captains should confirm this with the opposition before the commencement of the game


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