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Tennis News 2023

Club Championship Days

Our Club Championship Finals day is 9th September at 1pm.

Please come down and help give the day some atmosphere and watch some decent tennis :-)



Our Junior Championship is Saturday September 2nd.

The timings  are as follows,
9am-10am Red Ball ages 8 and under

(9.15-9.45 there will be a short fun session for our red ball kids who aren't ready to play competitively yet)
10am-11am Orange Ball ages 8 and 9
11am-12pm Green Ball ages 9 and 10
12pm-1pm - Yellow Ball - ages 11+

Any of our older kids who are able to come and help with the younger sessions would be very welcome. Kids who's age goes across 2 stages are welcome to play in both.

Court Use

Our courts are now over 5 years old and in order to prolong their life span we need to act now. Court 1 has been getting more than twice the use of both other courts, so going forward court 1 needs to be the last one booked. If you are the first to book a time slot then you can choose between court 2 and court 3. So for the forseeable future court 1 will only be in use when the 3 courts are booked.

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